Choice Series Dog Food

TRUVIDA PETS’ Choice Series Dog Foods provide a completely balanced grain-inclusive diet. We source the highest quality protein sources and carbohydrates to provide your dog with a highly digestible and palatable diet. Digestibility of the diet exceeds 84%. Prebiotics and egg proteins are added for improved digestive health and all diets are supplemented with healthy omega-3 fatty acids from fish meal and flaxseed. These diets are great for those of you looking to feed a grain-inclusive diet. Flavors include Chicken, Lamb, Oceanfish & Salmon, and Rabbit, for high activity or other dogs that require greater protein. Try blending different flavors within the Choice Series foods to give your dog the benefits from multiple protein sources. Available in 15 pounds only.

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We formulate our recipes using science supported strategy rather than using the industry standard of least cost. Our food is available in 15 pound resealable bags and is GI compatible so you can give your pet a variety of flavors in their diet. Either mix or rotate between multiple protein sources. Order 30 pounds or more of dog food and receive 10% off.

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Chicken, Ocean Fish & Salmon, Lamb, Rabbit


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