How do I switch my dog’s diet to TRUVIDA Dog Food?

You always want to transition to a new diet slowly. Start by replacing only 25% of the diet with TRUVIDA (mix with original food) for a few days, then increase it to 50% for another few days, and then replace it all with TRUVIDA.

What does it mean that TRUVIDA is GI Compatible?

TRUVIDA formulas within a series (e.g. Grain Free, High Protein, No Potato) are formulated with similar ingredients, the only thing we change is the source of the protein. You should be able to switch between these formulas without upsetting your dog’s stomach. Our goal is to offer your dog some variety in their diet.

I saw that grain free dog foods were associated with heart disease in some dogs. Should I be concerned with feeding TRUVIDA dog foods?

Grain free diets were lower in an amino acid, Taurine and that was the link between grain free diets and heart disease. We have fortified our grain free formulas with this amino acid, so there is nothing to be concerned with TRUVIDA dog food.

I setup to receive my TRUVIDA shipment every 5 weeks, but I’m going to run out of food a week early. Is there anyway to get my shipment earlier?

Yes, there are 2 ways you can do this. You will need to login to your account page and under my subscription either cancel your existing subscription and create a new subscription that will ship every 4 weeks. Doing it this way we will ship your new box out immediately. Alternatively you can edit your current subscription from your account page and change it to ship every 4 weeks; however, doing it this way it will wait until your next shipment was scheduled to ship and then your next shipments will begin to ship every 4 weeks after.

Can I edit my subscription plan before my next schedule shipment?

Definitely, the week before your next subscription is scheduled to ship you will receive an email reminding you to login in an make any changes you want to make. In your account dashboard click on my subscriptions and click on the item you want to edit. Those changes will happen on your next scheduled shipment.

I see that you offer free shipping on shipments that exceed $55 dollars. I have a small dog is there a way I can still get free shipping?

Yes, consider creating a recurring shipment that ships every 2 months. You could put two 5 lbs bags of dog food in that shipment (or you could even do one 15 lbs bag of dog food) with 2 months of supplements and treats.

It looks like your supplements are formulated as a 30 day supply, but I can only receive my shipment every 4, 5, or 6 weeks or 2 months.

A majority of shipments can be setup to ship every 4 or 5 weeks or 2 months. The 2 months recurring shipment is easy because you can just add 2 supplements per shipment. If your recurring shipments come every 4 weeks you’ll add a little extra supplement each day (about 8% more) and if you receive your shipment every 5 weeks you’ll add a little less supplement each day (about 8% less). Many of our 6 week recurring customers either feed that supplement over 6 weeks or they receive 2 supplements 1 month and then edit their subscription to only receive 1 supplement the next month. You can also consider going up a breed size if your dog’s body weight is close to the cutoff and you think they might need a little more of the supplement. You can always contact one of our Ph.D. nutritionist at [email protected] or (806) 777-0608.

Can I get nutrition advice for my dog(s)?

Yes, either fill out or contact form on our about page, email [email protected], or call (806) 777-0608 to schedule a time to talk with one of our Ph.D. nutritionist.

Do I have to sign up for recurring shipments?

No, you have the option of selecting none. In fact, you can custom create some items to recur shipment while others are a 1 time purchase. You also have the flexibility to create multiple subscriptions plans (e.g. you might have your supplement ship every 5 weeks, but your dog food every 6 weeks). Just keep in mind each shipment acts as it’s own shipment, so to be eligible for free shipping that shipment must exceed $55

What is a TRUVIDA Ambassador?

 It is anyone who believes in the mission of TRUVIDA Pets and wants to partner with us to have a bigger impact on the health of other dogs. When you create an ambassador account with TRUVIDA you are given a code and easy links that can be shared on your social media platforms, so when people visit our website through you and setup a shipment you receive a lifetime commission on every purchase they make from TRUVIDA. Visit our Ambassador Information page to learn more at www.truvidapets.com/ambassadorinfo.com

Why is tax charged to my order?

Your ship to address is either in Texas or we are doing a significant amount of business in your state and are now required to report sales tax on ecommerce (Supreme Court ruling South Dakota vs Wayfair, 2018).

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